Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playing catch-up

I often get harassed because I am not good at updating Addie's blog site. We often catch ourselves in "we should put this on the blog" conversations, but our follow-through is lacking to say the least! Below are several pictures from events we considered writing about, ENJOY!

Easter egg hunting with her 2 favorite boys.... and Amy and Brian
(at least Amy and Brian were looking at the camera!)

A trip to the AirForce Museum, don't think Addie walked the entire
day between Mark and Mom carrying her. Her favorite part was seeing
the monkey that was shot up into space (CREEPY!!)

Thumbs up - telling Mark and Mom that she is ready to
be pulled faster on East Fork Lake

A couple of shots from her recent photo shoot at Aunt Laynie and
Uncle Scott's farm (and Grandma/Grandpa's house)
thank you to Jenn for taking the photos!!!

Trip to a Red's game this summer. After asking for 2 years she finally
got to go to the Reds Museum and see the display for Edd Roush,
Hall of Fame Baseball player from our family

Enjoying the big kitchen, making Christmas
cookies with Aunt Leslie and Mom
decorating and eating the cookies is HARD WORK!

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