Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This week was the annual Fairfax Elementary Christmas Concert. The entire school (K-4) gets on stage and does a program with complete with choreography, speaking parts, solos, and the occasional child falling down the risers! Although Addie is constantly singing when at home or in the car, she doesn't like to perform on stage. This year she volunteered for a speaking part so she didn't have to do a solo. At the last minute 2 children had to drop out of the performance and her music teacher asked her to take their parts. She didn't tell anyone that she would be singing, but she got up there and sang loud, clear, in tune, and with the music! I am so proud of her!

(she's the one at the microphone closest to the camera)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Surgery

Tonight Nurse Addie did surgery on our pumpkin. She started out by removing all of the internal organs - Addie identified the spine, heart, spleen, lungs, and all FIVE brains.

Addie then did plastic surgery on its face, carefully transferring her plans from paper to the pumpkin.

The final procedure was carried out via Drimmel Tool and knife.

It was a success!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Does She Really Have To Be Eight?!

Adelaide Rose Reese, a.k.a Addie, turns eight years old this coming Sunday. Given the fact that everyone is probably sick and tired of viewing the video of Brian and Addie - my last blog - I thought I'd post something recounting the last year for her.

Year seven was a challenging for both of us. Raising Addie has never been dull, given the fact that she's always been about 10 years ahead of herself. She argues, yells, and whines when she doesn't get her way... but she says "I love you" more often. I can still occasionally hug and kiss her in public, although not when dropping her off at school anymore.

Addie has started to ask/tell me not to do certain things in public so I don't embarrass her, but to my embarrassment still has very public moments of "Mommyitis". She is a study in contradictions because while she works hard to fit in with older kids and adults, she is just as ready to revert back to a young child wanting to sit in Mom's lap at the restaurant. I love those moments so much more now then I used to because I realize they will probably completely disappear very soon.

I about fell on the ground laughing when the photographer took the picture to the left, telling me "she seems so sweet and innocent". Addie's quick wit and ability to use sarcasm often has everyone around her in stitches, but can just as quickly go the other direction. She is still learning what the boundaries between hilarious and in heaps of trouble are. She has a mind of her own, and while we don't always agree, I continue to be proud of the fact that she is willing and able to express herself and stand behind her opinions/ feelings/ wants. As a parent it is very difficult to raise - let's be honest here - a stubborn child; but I would rather she continues to hold her own, then to have her bending to the whims of others.

One thing she has a firm grasp on is compassion for others. The other day we were discussing what she wanted for her birthday, and she told me that if she received the same thing from 2 people it was OK because then she could give one of the gifts to her "sister" Heidi. When I offered that we could return the duplicate item and buy something else, she declined saying that Heidi would probably really like the gift instead. What else is there to say after that?

Addie was in the second grade this past year. It was the first year that she received real grades (versus the S/E "grades"), which proved to be a frustration to both of us. Reversing numbers and letters continues to be a stumbling block for her, although the school keeps telling us there is nothing to worry about. By the end of the year she was so tired from battling that she pretty much gave up. We have spent this summer working with Aunt Jan and Stella, which will hopefully make third grade much less difficult.

She learned how to dive, removed the training wheels from her bike, and tried-out for and made a Select soccer team. She is pretty much never without her soccer ball, and I have all but given up trying to stop her from juggling and kicking the ball in the house. She also enjoys running (obviously NOT my child!), raquetball, and tennis. Basically if it is a sport, she's happy to be participating.

Music and theater continue to also be a big part of Addie's life. We went to see The Wizard of Oz, Wicked, Mama Mia, Cirque Jungle Dreams, and had tickets for Grease (Addie was extremely sick so we had to skip it) at the Aronoff Center. We love our "nights on the town", dressing up and starting with dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery on Fountain Square followed by a night at the theater! She is also never without her iPod. Santa delivered a purple Nano this year, and she listens to music consistently enough that I have to recharge the thing at least every other day. The Wicked soundtrack is still her favorite, but Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, and the High School Musical soundtracks are a close second. She continues to listen to the local country music radio station when she goes to bed, hopefully that counteracts the effects of the Disney Channel music somewhat!

I love you so much! I am proud of everything you do, and can't wait to see all that you will accomplish in the next year (and beyond!) You are a beautiful girl - both inside and out. I am so happy to be your mom!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Addie and Brian Show

We always love to listen to Uncle Brian play the piano, but today there was an added treat - Addie decided to accompany him!!

One note: I am not sure that you can hear it on the video, but despite Brian and I both trying to correct her, Addie insists the words are "Fa, a note to follow so"....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Out-of-control Soccer Mom Posting

Spring 2009 soccer started this past weekend. Addie has moved up into the U-10 division, which means direct kicks, offsides calls, a size 4 ball, and 2 more players on the field during games. This season will be interesting because we have 3 official coaches, 1 helper, and a stand-in coach - so many that I spent the first game on the parent's side of the field, which was fine with me because I am actually able to watch Addie and take pictures!

Before going on with this post I want to say that all of the girls on the team work really hard, and they played a great game. We won 2-0, which is never a bad way to start the season, and the first goal was made by a 3rd grader who hasn't played since she was 4 (and does that even cou

That being said, I honestly just want to brag about my daughter...

Addie's abilities on the field continue to amaze me. Practicing on her own whenever she can (which includes inside the house whenever I am not paying attention), team practices continue to be somewhat a challenge because she gets so upset when she can't do something perfectly (the first time). It has been this way since she started 4 years ago, and I cannot figure out how to stop her from being so hard on herself. While she would much rather be up front going for the score, she continues to prove that her skills in the goal can't be beat. She ended up playing in the goal the entire game this Saturday, and although I quit counting because every ball shooting toward her is heart stopping for me, had at least 8 saves. And she doesn't simply stand there waiting for the balls to come to her - she is out of the box, going after them. At the beginning of each quarter she asked to be put up front, but when Coach Mark or Claudette asked her to stay in the goal, she squared her shoulders, put her gloves back on, and ran back onto the field.

After each game Coach Mark has the team sit in a circle and gives feedback. Then he has the girls take turns - each one offering a kudos to another player on the team. While it was probably because they had never done this, and the first girl who went said it, but about 8 of the girls said that Addie did a great job in the goal. I was so proud of her because not only was she gracious when she received these compliments, but when it was her turn, she asked Mark if she could do something different, and said that the whole team had done a good job with teamwork. After the circle had broken up Coach Claudette asked Addie if she had any idea how good she was in goal, and Addie's response was a quick shrug of her shoulders before saying, "Nah, I just do what you guys tell me to do."

I know that I am not chasing balls for the next Mia Hamm as she practices her drop-kicks, but it is so much fun to watch Addie do something that she really enjoys, and excels in. I continue to try to steer her to other activities in addition to soccer, because I don't want her to burn out, but for now it is all she wants to do. Who knows what uniforms she may be wearing in the near and not-so-near future!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We don't get to choose our relatives, so whether you are the winner of the family lottery or seemingly received the left-overs of a Suvivor cast member's first real meal after being voted off the island... there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. That is why those that you choose to take into your life are that much sweeter, more important, most special. A perfect example is Heidi, Addie's "sister". Heidi is 3 years younger than Addie. She lives across the street with her Grandparents. Addie immediately fell in love with this child who, having been neglected for the first year of her life, was in desperate need of love and interaction. There has been much change in both of their lives since Heidi came four years ago, but their bond continues to be unbreakable. Heidi watches every step Addie makes, trying to be just like her. Addie makes me so proud because she always treats Heidi with love, and is respectful of the fact that she has to be a good role model. So as they sit in our living room this afternoon playing Barbies and singing to Camp Rock, I am thankful for this family member we have chosen to take into our lives.