Sunday, November 2, 2008

They Grow Up Much Too Fast

Every day I find myself thinking that my baby is growing up much too fast. In everything that Addie does, she continues to show her growing maturity in little (and sometimes large) ways. Her teachers at the before/after school program say that she is always helping the younger children out with homework, arts and crafts, etc. She is always very contentious about following the rules that are set for her – even when she really wants to “buck the system” (like when it comes to getting her homework done). She spends time picking out the right outfit for school each day, contemplating the weather, and what special class she may have, as to not be caught wearing the wrong thing. She’s also got the moral compass going 100% of the time…. A recent quote from my little lady about HSM3 was: “It was a great movie, but there was an inappropriate part for kids my age. Sharpay had a very inappropriate outfit on during one of the numbers.” The outfit in question was a sparkly leotard for a Chorus Line type dance number, but isn’t it nice to know that she’s always on the lookout for things she shouldn’t be exposed to?!
When all is said and done, I miss the fact that there are many days Addie doesn’t want me to kiss her when I drop her off in the morning. And she gets aggravated if I offer to cut her pancakes into bite-size pieces. But then again, I go into her room at night to give her one last kiss, and I see…..
….her sleeping with her legs tucked under her, butt up in the air, blankets kicked off, just like she did when she was a baby. And maybe, just maybe she’s gonna still be my little baby for a few days more!