Sunday, December 7, 2008

Never Mess With Momma Bear

I have always heard variations of the saying "Never mess with a momma bear when she is with her cub". I grew up seeing daily examples of this from my mother, and the minute I found out I was pregnant I knew that it was true - I would protect my child from harm no matter what it took. There have been several times I have brought my claws out over the last seven years, but Thanksgiving weekend my mom once again showed me how it is done... and I owe her more thanks than I could ever express.

My sister has a small step up from her sidewalk to the driveway. We were packing up the cars, getting ready to leave for home the next morning. Dad and I were each at our trunks when Mom and Addie came outside. Addie was right in front of Mom as she tripped up the step. Mom propelled herself forward and slammed her body into the front end of my car - all to avoid landing on Addie, and almost certainly landing her in the emergency room. Her arm hit so hard it chipped paint and dented my front side panel so much I couldn't open my door. She could have dislocated her shoulder, broke her collarbone, broke her arm (which thankfully, none of these things happened); but she didn't think twice about it. The only thing she had on her mind was protecting Addie.

Addie spent the rest of the evening going between clinging to my Mom, making sure she was OK, and telling me "I wish I could go back in time and remind Mama about that step!"

I am so happy that Addie has so many people in her life - loving her, protecting her. I know we can't wrap our children up in a bubble and prevent all the world's hurts, but thank you Mom, thank you for expanding the bubble you created around us to my daughter!!